Radon Gear ATF DCT

Mabanol Radon Gear ATF DCT is an automatic transmission fluid designed for use in dual clutch transmissions also suitable for those which run through isolated fluid circuits together with gear sets, synchronizers and hydraulic control systems.

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Automatic transmission fluid used in automatic transmissions and also as a hydraulic oil in a whole variety of applications


Mabanol Radon Gear ATF DCT is a synthetic dual clutch transmission fluid formulated with a blend of excellent base oils and a modern addi- tive package which provides an excellent vis- cosity index and a very low pour point. The oil offers fantastic oxidation stability, protection against wear and corrosion as well as excellent prevention against foaming.

Mabanol Radon Gear ATF DCT provides a good compatibility with synthetic seals. Mabanol Radon Gear ATF DCT is not suitable for use in range-change transmissions and CVT drives.

The efficiency of this engine oil is maintained to the maximum level of requirement between engine service intervals. Antioxidants and cleaning additives prevent deposits, pistons and valves remain clean and the development of cold sludge is also prevented. Lower friction losses in the engine produce clear fuel savings and thus lower environmental impact. Lower evaporation losses prevent valve deposits and blockages and provide clean pistons and piston ring grooves.


Test method Unit Value
Density at 15°C DIN 51 757 g/cm³ 0,856
Dyn. Viskosity at -40°C ASTM D 2983 mPa s <20.000
Kin. Viscosity at 40°C DIN EN ISO 3104 mm²/s 33,2
Kin. Viscosity at 100°C DIN EN ISO 3104 mm²/s 6,81
Viscosity Index (VI) DIN ISO 2909 170
Flash point COC DIN ISO 2592 °C 208
Pourpoint DIN ISO 3016 °C -48
  • BMW DCTF-1
  • MB-Sheet 236.21
  • VW TL 052 182 / TL 052 529
  • Ford WSS-M2C936-A
  • Renault BOT 450
  • Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SSTF-I
  • PSA 9734 S2
  • Porsche Oil Nr. 999.917.080.00 (FFL-3)
  • Volvo 1161838 / 1161839
  • Ferrari TF DCT-F3
  • Fiat BOT 341