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Creating motormusic since 1988

You recognize a well-running engine immediately. It’s music to your ears − harmonious, pitch perfect. And that can be achieved only with oil of the highest quality … like Raxol. Superior motoroil for the most diverse engines, in all timbres, composed and packaged in Belgium with the greatest care by a team of dedicated specialists.

For each instrument and every symphony.


Every engine or machine has its own sound and specific requirements and all components must be able to play together flawlessly. That’s why our products are perfectly attuned to what you need. We innovate continuously and develop our motoroils in close consultation with our partners in 70 countries worldwide. For passenger cars, transport, agriculture, civil engineering applications, ships, motorcycles, industry… No matter which Raxol motoroil you choose, you get a masterpiece.


The main success factor of Vroman NV and Raxol Lubricants, the Belgian quality house brand, is the flexibility to adapt to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Since 1988 we have provided our customers with the highest level of service in the world of lubricants, where Quality, Flexibility, Service and Reliability are central to us.

By continuously pursuing this strategy successfully, the production volume increases significantly over the years and Raxol Lubricants has grown into a major player on the international market in more than 60 countries.


Watch and learn who we are, the quality we stand for and the products we deliver out worldwide.